Story Goods


I am a vintage junky, a lover of craft, and a girl obsessed with all the unique things that make a house feel like a home. Story Goods has been a long time coming, an idea that has been swirling in my head for years. I was a young girl when my mom first took me thrifting, and as we walked through each shop full of beautifully worn homewares we would stop in front of something and she would explain how she had grown up with something just like it. I was immediately hooked just thinking about the story behind each piece! I love getting lost in the aisles of a cluttered antique store or finding a one-of-a-kind gem in a local vintage shop on my travels. Iā€™m so excited to finally share my love with each of you.

Story Goods is a homewares shop, a place you can find vintage and handmade goods for your life and home. The pieces you find here are unique, they are beautifully worn, and each one holds a story all its own.